Voodoo spells for love, money, gambling and hex removal

A collection of brightly coloured clay dolls and paraphernalia association with casting voodoo spells.

I personally cast all voodoo spells on your behalf. I've have many years of experience helping people improve their lives and overcome issues.

Trinidadian voodoo man Earl Marlowe mentored me in the magical arts in the 1980s. My Voodoo Spellbook chronicles my experiences with Earl. I struck out on my own in the 1990s.

Available spellworkings include: love spells, lover-back spells, money spells, lottery spells, hex removal, jinx removal, gambling spells, bad neighbour spells, luck spells, and spiritual cleansing. I can also do custom jobs tailored to your needs.

All ritual items are handmade by me, ensuring maximum effectiveness and power.

Order a spellworking from me and you can be confident that you won't be forgotten. I will fully support you through any issue that may arise during the course of the spellworking.

All spellworkings have a one-off payment. There are no extra charges.

How I cast voodoo spells

Firstly I get you to fill in a questionnaire about your case and the issues you are facing. I use this information to configure a spell to fit your needs.

After that I email you with a date for when I will conduct the ritual and cast the voodoo spell. I choose a specific time according to the phases of the moon and solar elements.

When the day of the ritual comes I go to a place of power to cast your voodoo spell. This could be a country crossroads, old graveyard, or ancient spiritual monument such as a stone circle or solitary standing stone.

The place I choose depends on your case and the nature of the spirits that inhabit the area.

Available Spellworkings

To discover more about my work as a voodoo man, get a copy of my Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook (SnakeStone Press).

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