Voodoo spells – cast in the graveyard for maximum power

A collection of brightly coloured clay dolls and paraphernalia association with casting voodoo spells.

My voodoo spells are cast in old disused cemeteries, country crossroads and at places of arcane power to bring genuine results that solve your issues.

Casting a voodoo spell can't be half-hearted - you can't pussyfoot around when it comes to getting results. That's why I not only gather hard-to-find ingredients personally for my spellworkings, but I perform the rituals at places of power. These range from old, disused graveyards and remote crossroads, to the sites of ancient pagan temples and stone circles/monuments.

I also make many of the ritual items I use - from voodoo dolls to sigil staves - ensuring maximum effectiveness and power. All my voodoo work is bespoke.

The kind of voodoo spells I cast include: love spells, lover-back spells, and money spells. Along with hex removal, gambling spells, get rid of bad neighbour workings, spells for luck, and spiritual cleansing. I also do custom jobs tailored to your needs.

What's more, when you order voodoo spells from me and you can be confident that you won't be forgotten. I fully support you through any issue that may arise during the course of the spellworking. Plus all spellworkings have a one-off payment. There are no extra charges.

How I cast voodoo spells in five steps

  1. Firstly I get you to fill in a questionnaire about your case and the issues you are facing. I use this information to configure a spell to fit your needs.
  2. After that I email you with a date for when I will conduct the ritual and cast the voodoo spell. I choose a specific time according to the phases of the moon and solar elements.
  3. When the day of the ritual comes I go to a place of power to cast your voodoo spell. As I say, this could be a country crossroads, old graveyard, or ancient spiritual monument such as a stone circle or solitary standing stone. The place I choose depends on your case and the nature of the spirits that inhabit the area.
  4. The rituals I perform vary, but they all involves me entering a form of shamanic trance (similar to possession trance) and calling upon the spirits of the place to charge the arcane items that go into the talismanic items with numinous power.
  5. Once I've completed the ritual and the voodoo spell is cast, I package up the items and mail them to you, along with a letter telling you what to do next.

How did you become a voodoo spellcaster?

I was mentored by a Trinidadian voodoo man called Earl Marlowe in the 1980s. My Voodoo Spellbook chronicles the experiences I had with with Earl in detail. We would travel all over London and the home counties helping his clients with voodoo spells and magick.

We'd do money spells, lover back spells, healing work, exorcisms, and would make talismans for luck, protection and gambling. Eventually, come the 1990s, after Earl passed from this world, I took over from him and began helping the many clients who had depended on him.

Earl Marlowe voodoo man, mentor to Doktor Snake (illustration)
Earl Marlowe (illustration by Mr. Stone)

So what are the best voodoo spells for love?

If your situation isn't too complex, then a voodoo doll love spell will attract that special person into your life. But if you need to return an ex, then a voodoo doll lover back spell is the one to go for. There are also no stray and love binding spells.

But if your situation is more complex, then it's wise to go for my Conjure Box. This is cast in an old, disused graveyard and calls upon the spirit of a lady who was successful in love. It's very powerful and is good for returning an ex, bringing marriage or stopping a divorce. It also offers you "three wishes" - that is, three requests you want to see come to fruition after the voodoo spell is cast. Plus the Conjure Box can be used to stop a partner cheating.

Conjure Box voodoo love spell and powerful talisman for attracting love or returning an ex.
Conjure Box

And what are your most effective voodoo money spells?

Again, if your situation is straightforward, then a voodoo doll Cash Collector spell will do the job. But if you need to up the ante, then go for a Money Magnet mojo hand, which utilises a very powerful ritual to draw money to you.

If it's business success and wealth you're interested in, then the best spellworking is my 3 Magick Jinns Wealth Formulation. This calls on very powerful spirits to help elevate you in the world of commerce and entrepreneurship.

Voodoo money charm, part of a voodoo money spell working.
Money Charm

Do you offer voodoo gambling spells?

Yes. For swift and effective gambling luck, go for a voodoo doll gambling spell. That's great for casinos and slot machines. If you very serious about gambling and need to get results fast, the best bet is my Voodoo Gambling Hand (my gambling clients see it as their "secret weapon" for increasing luck). If you're purely interested in scoring lottery wins, then my Lucky Lottery Mojo is the one to look at.

What about spiritual cleansing?

I have two powerful spiritual cleansing spellworkings. The first is a voodoo doll cleansing spell, which is ideal if your situation isn't too serious. But if you've got a serious level of bad energy and negativity surrounding you, I'd recommend my Gris Gris - this will thoroughly cleanse your body/mind system and remove all baleful energies.

And hex removal?

So long as you haven't been hit with a heavy duty curse, then a voodoo doll hex removal spell will get rid of the bad work and you'll be free to live your life again. But if things are serious and you're experiencing a lot of ill-effects after having been cursed, I'd recommend an Extreme Hex Removal Spell. This will break all hexes and evil work.

Occasionally, people find themselves under the baleful influence of a generational curse, one passed down via your family tree. In which case, the best working to remove it is my Voodoo Generational Curse Remover. It will dispel all the ill-effects that likely have been plaguing your life for years.

Hex Removal Voodoo Doll and letter of instructions about the casting of a hex removal spell.
Voodoo Doll Hex Removal Spell

How about protection spells?

Obviously, prevention is better than cure. And for general spiritual protection, a voodoo doll protection spell is ideal. It will keep most negative influences away from you and repel hexes. If the situation is more serious, then my Voodoo Angel spellworking offers heavy duty protection. It acts as a "guardian servitor" 24/7, keeping you safe from all baleful threats.

Is their a way to dominate other people?

This demands a lot of power. For women who wish to dominate a man, the best working is my Domination Sack. Or if you're a man wanting to dominate a woman, then go for my King Dominator working. Or for a general "bend anybody to your will" spellworking, take a look at my Zombi Mummy Formulation No.7.

Do you have any "revenge" voodoo spells?

Yes. Although hardly pleasant, revenge or vengeance can be necessary - especially against those who've treated you seriously badly. If this is the case, check out my Tombstone mojo hand - which is configured to bring just desserts to all evil-doers.

What's your most powerful voodoo spell?

This is my Devil's Tin. It's all out voodoo power. Pretty much unstoppable. And should only be used if all else has failed - like you're been to many other spellcasters and gotten nowhere (I get clients coming to me in this situation fairly often). It's also the best option if your case is particularly complex.

Devil's Mojo with ingredients for the powerful voodoo spell known as the Devil's Tin, from Doktor Snake
Devil's Tin ingredients and arcane artefacts

To discover more about my work as a voodoo man, get a copy of my Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook (SnakeStone Press).

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