Powerful demonic entity voodoo spell – Johnny Redstone midnite mojo

Johnny Redstone

Highly effective voodoo spell for all eventualities including money, gambling, power, love and lust, returning ex lovers, defense against dark forces, and banishing evil.

Cast in possession trance...

This hellishly effective spellworking calls upon demonic entity Johnny Redstone, from the Black Lodge on the far western reaches of etheric plane. I enact the ritual in the graveyard at midnite during the time of the shadow moon (on the etheric plane) when the strange hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs. Out of this obsidian menagerie - at the culmination of the ritual - walks Johnny Redstone...

Conjurers perceive Redstone through a swirling cloud of smoke. He has the look of a biker, leather, tattoos and outlaw cool. This is because he was once human - a fierce, savage (yet full of instinctive intelligence) motorcycle club member from the U.S. west coast who got shot up over a drugs beef in the early 1970s.

After death he became a demonic entity due to the fact that, in life, he was adept in the art of traveling the etheric plane. He first had out-of-body experiences using peyote and other psychotropic plants. But eventually learned to do it at will without the need for mind altering substances. Just before he died of gunshot wounds, Johnny put his ebbing life energy into leaving his body before he died. And this is how he became a denizen of the etheric plane, a demonic entity hovering between this world and separate reality.

Johnny Redstone Midnite Mojo

The reason certain select conjurers know about Johnny is he was a good friend of my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook). During the 1960s Earl, who was originally from Trinidad, was serving in the merchant navy. So was Johnny. The two became fast friends. After Johnny was killed in the early 70s, Earl had suspicions that Johnny had left his body before death and set about contacting Johnny on the etheric plane. Eventually Johnny became a regular demonic helper in Earls conjure work. Later, during my apprenticeship with Earl, I was taught the secrets of contacting Johnny Redstone on the etheric plane.

So what can the Johnny Redstone Midnite Mojo do for you?

It's an all round powerhouse. Supremely effective for most needs and requirements - from attracting love, returning lovers, empowerment, money, combat, lust, defense against dark forces, and banishing evil. it's for those times when you need to seriously pull out the stops and get the job done.

What I do

I perform the ritual at a specially chosen graveyard at the time of the shadow moon. When the clock strikes twelve I call upon Johnny Redstone. The first signs of his arrival are the presence of weird black animals or birds - spirit creatures from the Black Lodge. It's a long and exacting spellworking that opens the gates between the etheric plane and the earthly realm.

Suffice to say, it is not a task for the fainthearted.

Be assured that you don't have any dealings with Johnny Redstone. Only me. During the midnite ritual, he charges the working with shuddering hyper-burner power. Once that's done, I activate the spell and configure it to you. What I'm saying here is, it is ME that deals with the sheer, almost horrifying power of Johnny Redstone. But I'm used to it. I was schooled by Earl to deal with it....nevertheless it is still an exhausting process. It takes it out of any conjurer.

After the ritual is finished, I collect the artifacts of power I used in the ritual and send them over to you. The items include:

  • Red clay doll (fired with magical herbs and powders) representing Johnny Redstone.
  • ThunderScript Card which encapsulates the intention of the spell.
  • 3 Magick stickers - talismans to enhance the power of the spellworking and configure it to you (you place them anywhere that "jumps" out of you).
  • Johnny's tobacco tin filled with herbs, graveyard stones, roots, and other magical items.
  • Midnite Mojo bag for you to carry as an amulet.

If you're interested in this spellworking, or one that produces a similar result, contact Doktor Snake, and he'll sort you out with the best possible solution for your situation.

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