Mojo Hand – Powerful Voodoo Amulet

Mojo HandMojo Hands for love, lover-back, money, gambling, hex removal, luck, and more…

A mojo hand is a mighty voodoo amulet. Its roots go back to Africa and to mysterious Afro-Asiatic sects lost in the mists of time (but handed down to Doktor Snake’s swamp voodoo tradition). The ingredients that go into a mojo hand are alive with numinous power. An arcane solar or lunar ritual, along with petitions to the spirits, directs these powers to your specific needs.

If you need your guy to be true to you, a mojo hand will ensure fidelity. If your guy has left you, it will bring him running back. If you a plagued by bad neighbors, a mojo hand will run them out. If you are on trial, a courtwork mojo hand will get you off or reduce your sentence.

If someone has jinxed or hexed you, a mojo hand will lift the evil and clear the bad energy. If you want to be irresistible to any man or woman, a mojo hand will supercharge your animal magnetism. If you need money, a mojo hand will attract cash to you. Whatever your needs, a mojo hand can be configured to meet them.

Available Mojo Hand Spellworkings

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