3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation – Business Success Voodoo Spell

3majik djinns

Powerful voodoo formula for success in commerce and business...

Tap into the awesome voodoo power of the 3 Djinns that live in the dreaming deserts of the subconscious mind to bring you in touch with the wealth-generating power of the god within... your divine inner-self.

"The 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation has changed my life," was what he said. "My business is now a BIG success. Only a year ago it was failing. I have the money, I have the wealth. And I have the power and influence that go hand in hand with serious finances. The world... no the whol universe is bending to my will. I'm on a roll. The BIGGEST roll of my life. The secret of universal abundance is mine."

This was one of my clients. A entrepreneur who I'll call The Sheik for privacy reasons. When he was still struggling to make a success of his business, he commissioned me to perform a "neutron bomb" voodoo money working to help propel him into the big league.

The Sheik knew I'd used voodoo conjure work during the 1990s as part of my strategy to escape my own struggle with poverty and gain financial success. And he wanted me to use all the knowledge I'd got to fix up a voodoo working even stronger than the ones I’d used for myself. The working I came up with became the 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation.

And results began to show almost immediately...

More money and business opportunities started coming The Sheik's way. But don’t get me wrong. The really big money didn't flow in overnight. Why? Because NOTHING DOES. Even with the most powerful voodoo conjure work imaginable, you've still got to put in the hours developing your business, marketing and promo efforts. Not to mention continually honing up your products or service so it is the best it can be.

That said, within a couple of years The Sheik's business went into a meteoric rise. The "neutron bomb" 3 Djinns Wealth Formulation went into overdrive and he reaped all the rewards...and more. He now drives a Cadillac Escalade and has a 1972 Impala for retro kitsch. Plus he wears top designer clothes, lives in a mansion in an upmarket part of town, and has all the gadgets and gizmos you could imagine. Not to mention all the romantic attentions he can handle.

Of course, as part of his success, he gets recognition and respect. This comes hand-in-hand for anyone that has created their own business empire.

So how does all this apply to you?
Well, if you are looking for success in business then my 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation could be just what you need. It is configured to provide the BIG boost that takes your business to the heights. It is set to be the catalyst - the piece in the puzzle - that turns your life around so that everything you touch turns to gold.

How does it work?
I have a special place I go to for performing the 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation. It's out in the countryside about 20 miles from where I live. I call it the "Tree Cathedral." It is a woodland location and is undoubtedly a place of power. The atmosphere feels like it is sparking with energy. You feel like you are in the presence of something powerful and arcane. Hence it is the ideal place to call upon the 3 Majik Djinns.

What are the 3 Majik Djinns?
The 3 Majik Djinns (AKA the "Desert Dreamers") are intelligent, sentient beings, or energetic configurations, that inhabit both the landscape and our subconscious minds. They are invoked by imagination, sparked off by a specific location (place of power) and ritual.

Once I can feel the presence of the 3 Majik Djinns at the ritual site, I call upon them to flow their mighty powers and energies into three clay dolls I make beforehand.

During the ritual, I also create a Majik Square talisman on parchment paper, mathematically calculated to synchronize with the multiverse (multi-dimensional cosmos) and your personal essence, your god or "divinity" within, which lies in the deep realms of the subconscious mind. It is this part of you that links with the formidable might of the 3 Majik Djinns.

When I've completed the ritual work, I place the 3 Majik Djinn dolls and the Majik Square in an ornate drawstring bag (Mojo Hand), along with a special concoction of herbs, roots and oils, which hardwires your connection to the power of the 3 Djinns.

Who will benefit from this?
The 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation is for all those who hunger for wealth, riches and success. It is for those who truly believe they are destined to make a big impact on the world and reap the financial rewards they deserve. The 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation is designed to make sure nothing stands in your way and that you achieve your destiny.

Destiny, you see, is not set in stone. In reality, destiny is the probable path your life will take. But disruptive or malign influences can, and often do, take you from your allotted path in life.

The 3 Majik Djinns Formulation will ensure you reach the heights and become all you can be in terms of wealth and fortune.

How much does it cost?
A 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation and accompanying rites at the Tree Cathedral ritual area costs £185 ($265 USD approx). I will perform the ritual on your behalf. Then I will mail the 3 Djinns amulet to you. Detailed instructions come with each 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation outlining how you activate the working and add power to it.

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation within two working days of the working being performed. If you're in the US, it takes seven to ten working days. Europe three to five working days. The rest of the world typically no more than seven to ten days.

Date for your working
Bear in mind that, due to high demand, you may not hear back from me immediately (aside from autoresponder confirmations) - but you will certainly receive a date for your working within 7 days of your order. It is of great importance to me to give each spellworking the full and undivided attention that each client deserves. What's more, you will NOT be forgotten once you've bought a spellworking from me. I will fully support you through any issue that may arise during the spellworking.

How to order
To order, simply hit the "Add to Cart" button. Once you are done proceed to the Checkout, where you can pay using Paypal. We also take Western Union and MoneyGram payments, and cheques - payable to MOJORAIN LTD from UK residents. Simply send an e-mail and we'll take it from there.

Union Jack £185 American Flag $265 USD (approx)
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NOTE: After you've paid, you will receive an email from Dr Snake inviting you to outline details of your case. He will also ask you for your date and place of birth.
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