Election Victory – Political Mojo Hand – Voodoo Spell

Voodoo Mojo Hands

Powerful voodoo mascot to help you win national and local elections anywhere in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: While the Election Victory Mojo Hand is a kick-ass weapon to have in any political arsenal, my elite voodoo services for politicians are highly involved and demand that I be on the scene to perform a graveyard ritual at midnight with you. Prices for this begin at £666.00 ($1100 USD approx). Plus expenses and first class travel. Contact me for details.

Politics, local or national, is a tough, cut throat game. Losing an election is never an option. You’re out to win. The bottom line is the winner takes all.

The Election Victory Mojo Hand will act as an unbeatable force to make you magnetic, allowing you to charm voters so they put there “X” where you want it.


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