Get Rid Of An Enemy – Mojo Hand – Remove A Hater – Voodoo Spell

Voodoo Mojo Hands

See the back of an adversary...

If a bad person is making your life a misery, this powerful mojo hand will help you see them off. It works on the numinous, the unseen world, to bring about circumstances where your enemy feels compelled to leave.

The idea is to get rid of them, not hurt them. So the magick could make them believe a better life awaits them in another part of the country - making them feel there is nothing for them in their current situation. Or it might make them become obsessed by somebody far away and they will do everything in their power to be close to them.

In short, this mojo hand will place a glamour on your enemy that will push them out of your life for good.

If you're interested in this spellworking, or one that produces a similar result, contact Doktor Snake, and he'll sort you out with the best possible solution for your situation.

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