Revenge – Voodoo Spell – Get Your Own Back – Mojo Hand

Mojo Hand

If somebody has done your down, hurt you or harmed you, or undermined you in some nefarious way, this powerful voodoo spell - a mojo hand amulet - will turn the tables. Your wrongdoer will get a taste of their own medicine. Forces of justice and retribution will be unleashed.

No need to fear comeback. As to "karma" and repercussions, put simply: There is nothing to fear. Any "comeback" element is prevented by symbolic payment during ritual workings.

In short, your wrongdoer gets their just desserts for what they did to you.

If you're interested in this spellworking, or one that produces a similar result, contact Doktor Snake, and he'll sort you out with the best possible solution for your situation.

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