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pirate treasure chest

Pirate coins, lucky money, pirate money, pirate treasures, magic coins, lucky coins - Captain Kydd's lost pirate treasure with a voodoo twist...

Bring money and cash. Attract opportunities. Increase luck. Get in the “right place at the right time”. Banish bad luck. Supercharge personal magnetism. Turn dreams into reality.

Cast in possession trance...

Some remarkable pirate coins from the golden age of piracy came into my possession. These damn things seem to attract luck, money, and personal power; get you from the streets to the boardroom; turn your dreams into reality.

Witch and mystic, Pip De Belfry, unearthed them via some deal or other over in Spain. All linked to the “Gold Bug” Egyptian scarab. This is what she said:

“Doc, this is crazy, I found pirate treasure… on the surface it wasn’t worth anything much, maybe a few hundred dollars… but you remember how I said that the pirate Blackbeard claimed he was a voodoo man? Well, I pretty damn certain what I found are talismans – powerful ones – pirate coins charged up by some strong mojo… I think this is big, Doc.”

She mailed some of the coins over to me, and she was right; they exuded some serious power…

The way it happened was Pip De Belfry was in Spain on business…

When this was done, she hit a Tiki bar to chill out over a Zombie cocktail, and got talking to an old guy from England called Zeren Stewart, an ex pat whose ancestors had settled in Spain going back a few hundred years.

She told Zeren that she had the sight (mediumship) and that she did readings for people around the world. Eventually, Zeren got to talking about how one of his ancestors, going back a couple of hundred years, had been a sailor for the British Navy, and he’d been on a reconnaissance mission to some out-of-the-way islands in the Mediterranean, where he came across what he presumed was a marooned sailor. But he soon realised the guy was a pirate who had been left for dead on the island by his fellow pirates over some beef or other.

Naturally, Zeron’s ancestor, being British Navy, took it upon himself to take the pirate into custody…

As he had the weaponry, the pirate had little choice but to surrender. And besides, he was desperate to get off the island and save his life – even if it meant he might be hanged after his trial by the British authorities. But he no doubt felt he at least had a chance of escaping his captor, or persuading him to let him go… which was the first thing he tried – telling him he knew the whereabouts of some pirate plunder deposited by the notorious Captain Kydd.

Understandably, his captor was sceptical. But the more the pirate told him about the plunder, he began to take an interest. Soon, avarice got the better of him, and he agreed to free the pirate on condition he share the plunder, which had been deposited in mainland Spain.

Unfortunately, the treasure apparently turned out to be worthless, just a chest full of pirate coins, along with an Egyptian scarab, or “gold bug”. But the pirate insisted these coins had a “special quality”, an occult power, and were a genuine treasure if you knew how to use them.

“Captain Kydd knew the secret,” said the pirate, “and the cipher you need to make them work for you, and make you rich, is written on parchment in the chest…”

The British Navy guy dismissed it as a fanciful story, and felt betrayed and duly shot the pirate dead… but he kept the “treasure” which was handed down through his family as a kind of keepsake – albeit a somewhat macabre one, what with the pirate having been murdered.

Eventually, Zeron ended up in possession of the “treasure” and thus told Pip De Belfry all about it. Intrigued, she asked Zeron if he’d be prepared to sell the pirate treasure to her.

“But it has no value, save as a family heirloom,” he said.

Pip said she liked to collect old intriguing items, and said she’d be interested in buying the treasure at the right price. Zeron thought for a while, then said the so called treasure was of no use to him, and the two agreed terms.

Pip, of course, recognised that the pirate coins were charged magickal items – possibly empowered by Captain Kydd himself, and thus she saw the intrinsic value in them…

Once she got the pirate treasure chest back to the hotel where she was staying, she sifted through the old coins and said she felt her fingers tingling as she did so. It was like they exuded numinous power.

That was when she messaged me to tell me she’d found a unique pirate “treasure trove.”

I was not surprised at this. If you know anything about the golden age of piracy, you know that a number of pirate captains got involved with voodoo and magick. Blackbeard, for example, openly admitted to being a practitioner of voodoo, and he often took escaped slaves as crew members, and they had total equality with the other members of the crew… the freed slaves got a far better life than they’d have had otherwise.

The point being pirates often were involved with the occult arts, and a weird, apparently worthless, “treasure” chest may well have had a value beyond that of mere plunder.

Pip De Belfry recognised this and so did I…

So once she got back to England from Spain, she brought the treasure chest back to our place on the Eastside of Paradise.

A number of curious things happened. We gave some of the pirate coins to friends and relatives. All reported that, in one way or another, things unexpectedly started going well for them. Some seemed to attract money, others appeared to find themselves in the right place at the right time – securing things like better jobs or business opportunities. In general, everybody reported being luckier. Good fortune came their way.

This wasn’t enough for me…

My instincts told me that the luck of the pirate coins could be cranked up even more – with a bit of graveyard work and calling on the spirits. And I knew just the place to do it.

In the region where I live in England is a churchyard – in a small village – with a gravestone known as the Pirate’s Grave, which has a skull and crossbones carved on it. What’s more, local lore states that running round it seven times will cause the Devil himself to appear.

So I took our stash of pirate coins to the Pirate’s Grave one summer night at midnight…

As the church bell tolled, I sank deep into tortuous spirit trance while chanting the dark and terrifying language of “unknown tongues,” the secret formula of the subconscious mind, the powerhouse within.

With the smoke from my ritual fire spiralling into the cool night air, and casting strange and eerie patterns against the night sky, I writhed in the ecstatic agony of possession trance. Dark animals appeared, including the Crawlin’ Kingsnake, my totem animal… and then, out of the smoke of the ritual fire, came the dark pirate from the Pirate’s Grave itself.

Half-formed, and fading in and out, the dark pirate gathered up the stash of pirate coins, and blew heavily on them – investing them with numinous energy – as his dark eyes shined with dancing, mischievous mirth.

With that, he slowly vanished back into the Pirate’s Grave, and I closed the ritual by leaving libations of rum for the spirits and the dark pirate.

Once the ritual was complete, I gathered up the pirate coins, now charged with arcane power, and made my weary way home.

Over the next week or so, Pip De Belfry and I put together a number of voodoo “pirate” treasure chests – powerful voodoo spells for money, luck, wealth and power – containing a lucky pirate coin and other talismans, such as an Egyptian scarab (Gold Bug), designed to transform your life for the better by attracting luck, money and opportunities.

In short, these small pirate treasure chests are shudderingly powerful magickal amulets that will:

  • Bring money and cash when you need it.
  • Attract opportunities that will improve your fortunes.
  • Increase your luck and put you in the “right place at the right time”.
  • Banish bad luck and negativity from your life.
  • Supercharge your personal magnetism.
  • Turn your dreams into reality.

What People Say

"I gave this a shot, and it worked… the pirate coins were magical in some way I don’t understand…" Darren, Texas, USA

"I’m hungry for success in life, and this helping me…" Jason, Northampton, England.

"This is great, I’ve used Doc’s services a lot over the years, this one intrigued me" Missy, Dayton, Ohio, USA

"I’m a London rapper, and this helpin’ me big time" Wayne, Wood Green, London

The Voodoo Pirate Treasure Chest is a powerful tool to turn your life around and achieve success…

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