Voodoo sex sigil – powerful sex spell

sex sigil

Carnal atavism formula no.9. Boosts sexual attraction and sex appeal. Increases sensual pleasure.

Cast in possession trance...

Become a sex god/goddess with this powerful voodoo spell… Can be formulated for both men and women...

The Voodoo Sex Sigil is a powerful and unique voodoo spell that boosts your sexual attractiveness – your sex appeal – and also brings a big increase in the depth of pleasure you feel during sexual congress.

The voodoo sex sigil works on the numinous level to boost your animal magnetism and charisma, which will inspire others to lust after you. All eyes in the room will be on you, hungry for your sensual touch.

With your sexual attractiveness enhanced in this way, you will become a powerful seducer, whom few will be able to resist. No longer will your friends get all the hot sexual partners – you will.

How It Works

I perform the Voodoo Sex Sigil ritual at the witching hour in a lonely old country graveyard a few miles from me. While in a fevered possession trance, I call down the mighty spirits, howlin’ incantations into the desolate darkness – while hurling roots and powders into the ritual fire, sending cascading fiery sparks over the lonely stone graves.

At a given point, all goes eerily silent and I know the spirits have arrived… It is then that I place the Voodoo Sex Sigil in a small smoked-glass bottle and put it, along with the other ritual items, into a red drawstring bag – a mojo hand.

What’s In The Mojo Bag?

Inside the mojo bag are the following artifacts of conjure power:

  • Sex Sigil (in a bottle to keep the power centered on you)
  • Red Cat Root
  • Eldritch Lust Twigs
  • Witches’ Ecstasy Leaf
  • Attractor Stone
  • Dragon’s Blood Powder

But What Are Sigils?

Sigils are a very powerful and effective form of results sorcery. They harness the forces of old world magick. They are created using automatic drawing while in a possession trance,  and they tap into the ancient atavisms and energy configurations that dwell in the deepest recesses of our subconscious minds. They are echos of the primal organisms whose shades spiral down the evolutionary chain.

Sex Magnet

Recognize that, once this rite is done, you will become a sexual magnet – a sex god/goddess – inspiring lust in those around you. What’s more, the Voodoo Sex Sigil will increase the pleasure and ecstasy you feel when you have sex with one or more of the partners that will be available to you.

If you're interested in this spellworking, or one that produces a similar result, contact Doktor Snake, and he'll sort you out with the best possible solution for your situation.

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