Sigil spells – fast action magic delivered to your phone

If you’re in a fix and need a spellworking quickly, sigil spells can be cast fast and sent directly to your smartphone – to bring the changes you need.

Sigil spells fast action magic

Doktor Snake can perform your sigil spell ritual within 48-hours of you ordering. Once the rite is done he sends the sigil directly to your phone, along with an email letter telling you what to do next.

How sigil spells work

Once you’ve ordered and submitted your request (desire/wish), Doktor Snake conducts an arcane ceremony within a two-day time frame. This involves him going to a wooded grove not far from him. This is situated close to a disused WW2 American airbase, a flat, desolate area, with a number of woods surrounding it. It’s an area haunted by numerous spirits, some going back to antiquity.

Doc goes into a deep, possession trance and calls upon his familiar spirits, such as the Graveyard Snake, to direct his fountain pen to create a powerful sigil, which is charged and activated to help fulfil your request/desire.

Once created, the sigil becomes a living, breathing entity in its own right – a servitor (thoughtform) guiding the flow of fate to manifest your wish.

Delivered to your phone

Doc then photographs the sigil and sends it to your smartphone, where it will begin to do its work immediately. For good measure, he also mails the sigil to you. But to be clear: all sigil spells are activated the moment they reach your phone.

Your sigil is attuned to the numinous flow of the multiverse and will do its work on the unseen plane. You simply have to gaze upon the sigil once a day for three days. And then at anytime afterwards that you feel the need. This connects your subconscious mind to the weave of fate, thus starting the process of bring your request/desire to fruition.

But please note: No other human eye (other than yours) must see this sigil. So you need to keep it safe on your phone. Don’t show it to others.

Full instructions are emailed to you along with the image of the sigil, making everything clear and easy-to-follow.

Jack of Diamonds, Standard level of spellcasting.

Sigil spells are the STANDARD level of spellcasting. Best suited for dealing with less complex cases. [Learn more]

How long do sigil spells take to work?

Results can manifest very quickly. But be prepared to be patient too. Magic is an art, not a science. Nevertheless, sigil spells are fast action and kick in right away once the sigil has been delivered to your phone. From there it will grow in power, coming to optimal strength in six weeks.

£60 GBP | $80 USD (approx)
Payments are via Paypal. When you click on "Add To Cart" button below, and fill in your postal/zip code, the shopping cart will default to your currency. Payments are made to Doktor Snake’s company MOJORAIN LTD (this will show up on your credit card or bank statement).


What comes next, after you order?

As stated, I will cast your sigil spell within forty-eight hours of your order – often sooner. This will be done at a wooded grove not far from me out in the countryside.

Once the ritual is done, I will send a photo of the sigil via email to your phone (or computer) and this will activate it. I will also provide instructions for what to do next in the email.


I will also mail a letter to you with the sigil itself. If you’re in Britain or Europe, this will get to you in two working days or so. If you’re in the US, it will take around four or five working days. And seven to ten days for the rest of the world.

Customer Support

You won’t be forgotten once you’ve bought a spellworking from me. I’ll fully support you through any issue that may arise throughout the spellworking process. Plus all spellworkings have a one-off payment. No extra changes. The job is done in one.

To discover more about Doktor Snake and his magick check out his books on Or type in “Doktor Snake” in your country’s Amazon.

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