What are Standard Voodoo Spells?


Standard Voodoo Spells are high quality, great value spellworkings for less complex cases, and are designed to change your life for the better.

They work to bring your desires and needs into physical reality. Why spend time wishing for change in your life when a simple spellworking can help resolve the issues you face?

Here’s how Standard Voodoo Spells work

  1. Firstly you order the Spellworking, through the website. If you are unsure about which one to order just email and Doktor Snake or one of his small team will advise on the best one for you.
  2. We will then email you a questionnaire to ask you for your details. So these are things like: your name, date of birth and photos, if you have them. Plus details of your case.
  3. Doktor Snake will then configure the optimal date for your Spellworking to be performed.
  4. He will then carry out the ritual, on your behalf, at his shrine.
  5. After that, Doktor Snake will be in touch to let you know how everything went and what to expect next.
  6. The spellworking items will then be sent to you using secure and tracked post.
  7. With a Standard Voodoo Spell you will receive a Voodoo Doll, Anointing Oil and a letter telling you what to do next
  8. After that we ask you to update us on how all is going and will advise and answer any questions as the work progresses.

For more information on how Doktor Snake casts spells, check out Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (Snakestone Books).

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