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When cash is short life is a struggle. By harnessing unseen forces, my voodoo money spells help increase your share of abundance, making your life easier.

Money Magnet – Powerful voodoo money spell attracts money like a magnet, or moth to a flame.
Three Djinns Wealth Formulation – For success in business, provides big boast to sales and finances.
Voodoo Doll Money Spells – Cash collector spells to bring money and abundance when you need it.
Doc’s Money Mirror – Used for doubling or trebling the cash you have in your pocket.

Voodoo Money Secrets


You might be poor and struggling to make ends meet. And it might seem like you will never get your head above water. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our planet has natural abundance built it as default. Just think of the fruit growing on the trees in autumn, the ripening wheat fields, flowing rivers replete with fish, and the whole teeming lushness that is life.

It’s the same with money. There is more than enough to go around – and then some!

Indeed, the inventor and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller calculated that every last one of us would be millionaires if the wealth of the world were to be divided equally.

Of course, if the world is inherently abundant, and you happen to be poor, then clearly getting a slice of that abundance for yourself is paramount.

Easier said than done, you might say. And I’d agree. But I would also ask you this: Do you know what the main thing is that is standing in your way of gaining abundance in your life?


Well then, let me tell you. The prime hindrance to gaining abundance and riches is YOU. Yes, that’s right.

But how can this be? It’s simple. We often get in our own way when it comes to money and wealth. We tend to shoot ourselves in the foot every time we see the chance to catch a ride on the money train.

Due largely to detrimental ideas and resentments, we create obstacles in our thinking which stop us getting to the money. As part of this, there often is also an inability to master the marketplace of life.

All this negativity needs to be addressed and overcome to open yourself up to the natural abundance in the world which is there for the taking.

Exercise 1

One of the first steps for achieving prosperity, and ridding yourself of negative thinking regarding money, is to do the following each day:

  • Begin every morning by reminding yourself that there is literally loads of money around you. There is no shortage of it. Trillions of dollars, yen, pounds and deutschmarks fly digitally around the planet every second. Far more money than you could ever dream of spending. Untold wealth whizzing through the wires and airwaves every moment of the day.
  • This remembering is all you need to do to start off with. Just meditate on, or simply recall, that there really isn’t any shortage of money anywhere. Huge amounts of it circulate every time your heart beats or you take a breath.
  • Tell yourself that it can’t be hard to get your share of all this money – that, in fact, it would be EASY to achieve prosperity and grasp for yourself part of the trillions in currency that fly around the earth each and every second of the day.

Do this daily for a month. Notice how things start to improve on the money front. This is just the beginning of the big changes that will get you on a ticket on the prosperity train.

Why do some have money and others don’t?

As I say, many in the world find it hard to make ends meet. Life is a continual struggle from one paycheck or welfare check to the next. And yet money is abundant. It is all around. Trillions of dollars, pounds, yen, and deutschmarks flying around the globe every second.

But why is it that some people struggle and some don’t?

It’s because we are programmed by the system – typically via our parents when we were young – to believe that life consists of shortage and lack, and that being uncertain is the norm.

Most living under this limiting mindset have no conception of how much money is available to collect.

Admittedly, the economic forces on this planet tend to be stacked in the favour of big corporations and governments. But there really isn’t anything to stop you taking your share of the loot.

The problem is we are taught to fear power. Thus we make the (false) assumption that money is somehow evil, and that wealthy people are dishonest or crooks feeding off the “little people.”

And if you think of money as evil and corrupt, it is very hard to align yourself to it and take your share.

But once you accept that money is actually a neutral force, and that abundance in life is a natural state, you will recognize that having money, even large sums of cash, in no way deprives anybody else from having some.

When you come to this realization, your thoughts and feelings towards money will become more balanced and the process of creating abundance will begin to come into effect.

While money is a good thing, greed, of course, isn’t a good thing. But it should be remembered that many wealthy people dispose of their money not only commercially, but give a lot to charity too. They support the people around them – making the proverbial dollar circulate.

There is no doubt: You can be very rich and also be a generous and highly compassionate person.

To gain your share of the enormous amount of wealth that files around the planet each day involves convincing yourself, at a deep level, that there is no lack in the world, no unfairness, and no discrimination – and even more importantly recognize that making money isn’t hard.

By doing this you open yourself to greater wealth. This is because you have shaken off your ingrained – and deeply programmed – aversion to money and riches, along with losing self-denial and resentment.

No longer will you worry about where money for the rent is coming from. On the contrary, you will have opened yourself up to the array of opportunities that will bring abundance into your life.

It is a trick of the mind that will bring you wealth and good fortune.

Exercise 2

  • Each day, try to throw aside thoughts of lack and align yourself to symbols of abundance. Think of the lushness of nature and how it provides rich harvests. Think of money coming to you easily and see yourself coming across opportunities to increase your affluence.
  • Know deep inside that you can have money and wealth. And when thinking about money say to yourself the following: “There is ALWAYS a way. I will definitely find it and figure out what I need to do to always have money.”
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