Voodoo Money Spells

Powerful voodoo money spells to bring cash...

By harnessing the unseen forces of the multiverse, my voodoo money spells will help you gain your share of the abundance that is there for the taking…

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Voodoo Money Spells

When cash is sort, life is a struggle. By harnessing the unseen forces of the multiverse, my voodoo money spells will help you gain your share of the abundance that is there for the taking – making your life far more easier and comfortable, and allowing you to have the good things in life whenever you choose to.

Poverty and want is nothing short of criminal (it’s the ruling elites and big business that benefit from you being downtrodden). But it doesn’t have to be this way. To turn things around in your favor, the secret is to harness the power of the numinous, and set a meme-flow in action which draws money and riches to you.

This can be done with voodoo and magick…

When you order a voodoo money spell from me, I first ask you about your situation, and ascertain what it is you want from life (along with asking things like your date and place of birth, etc). I then construct a ritual formula and gather the necessary ingredients I need to cast your voodoo money spell.

Typically, I select a day and time for the ritual based on solar and lunar alignments, which adds a great deal to the effectiveness of the working I perform for you. After that, I go to a place of power, such as a lonely country crossroads, old Victorian graveyard, or to the site of an ancient stone circle, where I perform the ceremony.

Amidst the swirling smoke from my ritual fire, I call upon the old gods to draw down the numinous forces that lie behind the material manifestation of money and wealth…

Doc’s money spells really work. I had nothing and now things are improving big time for me.

Malcolm (New York, USA)

OMG, the voodoo from Doktor Snake brought me money, and it kept on coming.

Angel (Austin, Texas)

I couldn’t even pay my bills, but over time Doc’s money voodoo started to work, and now I’m doing really well.

Rachel, (Stoke Newington, London)

I have to admit I was skeptical. But I gave it a chance, and boy did it work for me!

Luke (Washington, USA)

Once I’ve completed the ritual, and the magickal items have been charged, I send them to you, along with a letter containing simple instructions on how you can personalize the working I’ve done for you.

In no time at all, you will find money coming your way…

If you need a voodoo money spell to turn your finances around, drop me an email via the contact form below, and well discuss your requirements. I’ll then recommend the best working for your particular case.

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