Step-by-step, this is how my spellworking procedure works:

  • First you order the Spellworking through the website. Then I send you through a questionnaire for more details. Questions include things like your date and place of birth, and the dates and places of birth of anybody else involved in your case. If you have photos of yourself and any others involved that can be of value (though isn’t 100% necessary).
  • I then start the spellworkings – usually within 2 weeks of payment. This involves gathering ritual materials and calculating the best time and place to call upon the spirits and perform the rite
  • I will let you know when your workings are being done and when they will be completed.
  • Once the spellworking is completed, I will then let you know how everything went and what to expect next.
  • After that I will advise you at every turn of events.
  • If you choose to receive the items used in the ritual (amulets, mojo hands, conjure boxes, etc) there is a short meditation to do once you receive them. Otherwise you can opt to have them kept here on my shrine.
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