If you are having a run of bad luck, or just feel that there is too much negativity in your life generally, this voodoo spiritual bath remedy will stop it in its tracks…

It will turn your luck around and make Lady Luck smile on you.

A voodoo bath ritual entails adding magickal ingredients to your bathwater for some definite beneficial purpose or for purification and psychic cleansing.

Before you take your bath, have a shower preferably using a salt scrub soap, or if you don’t have it, then a good scrub with unperfumed soap. A sea salt exfoliation is another possibility, just make sure you slough away all of the negative “coating” on your skin.

If you have time, allow yourself to air dry in a warm comfortable place while you run your bath.

The magick mixture to drive away bad luck – and lure good luck-is straightforward. Collect together some basil, spearmint, Fast Luck powder, sesame seeds, a pinch of flour and the juice of three lemons. Mix these together in a clean jar or bottle.

Add three teaspoonfuls of this mixture to each bath, and for extra purification, you can also add a good handful or two of sea salt. Take three relaxing soaks over the course of the next seven days (you can bathe or shower normally at other times) It is also a good idea to burn white candles as you soak away the negativity, and maybe play some relaxing music that puts you in a positive frame of mind.

As you bathe, spend some time visualizing your luck improving for the better. See yourself maybe having a lottery win; grabbing the last space in a busy car park, that kind of thing… And also picture Lady Luck cascading a shower of good luck over you.

When you feel you have relaxed and absorbed the positive energy, remove the plug from the bath, and remain in the bath watching the water swirling away carrying any negativity with it. Again, if possible, allow yourself to air dry, or if that is not convenient, wrap yourself in a large, warm fluffy towel and gradually ease yourself back into the moment…

Follow these steps and your luck will have turned around before the week is out.

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