Do you want a tattoo design that has magickal power infused into it? A tattoo that acts like a powerful voodoo spell bringing you luck and good fortune, or acting as a conduit to help you achieve what you want in life?

If so, Doktor Snake – working with his artist friend Shaman Walker – can design your tattoo and spiritually charge it – according to your wants and requirements. All you have to do then is take it to your favourite tattooist to have it inked onto your skin.

How it works

Contact Doktor Snake and outline the kind of tattoo design you have in mind, and the meaning you want it to have. Doc will give you a price for the job. Then he’ll consult with artist Shaman Walker and a rough design will be created for you to look at.

Once you are happy with the design, and symbols associated with it, Shaman Walker will get to work creating the finished tattoo design.

After that, Doc will ritually charge the design and send it over to you by email attachment along with a letter of instructions for what you need to do once the tattoo design has been inked in.

The end result is…

You will have a living and breathing voodoo spell on your very flesh working 24/7 to enhance your life according to how you want it to be.

Email Doc Now To Discuss Your Tattoo Design Requirements


Magick Tattoos

dragon head

Dragon Head

Jester Fire Cross

Jester Fire Cross

sleipnir eight-legged horse

Sleipnir Eight-Legged Horse

snake skull

Snake Skull

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