This is an effective voodoo spell for protecting yourself in bad areas of town, whether you need to go there, or end up in a bad neighborhood by accident.

It involves creating a “trashbug” or manikin, which works like an urban guardian spirit, using the power of your mind, so you can conjure up a bad-ass protective shield without carrying a weapon, which may well end up getting you into even more trouble with the law.

When you go into bad areas, ne’er do wells will try to engage you in conversation. They may ask you the time, or maybe if you have a spare smoke. Their aim is to engage you in casual small-talk while they size you up to decide if you would be an easy victim.

Using the trash-bug will stop would-be muggers or attackers in their tracks. Either they won’t even see past your shield, or they will see you as way too dangerous to approach.

To create a Trash-bug, do the following:

  • When you first notice that you’ve ventured into a bad area, look around for garbage on the side-walk. Empty cans, gum wrappers, cigarette butts, whatever you can find.
  • Now imagine the whole mess of garbage slowly lifting up into a small whirlwind.
  • Mentally picture it taking form and growing in size, from the size of an alley cat, spitting and snarling, to the size of a large dog with slavering jaws, and keep it growing until it is about ten feet tall, and shape it into a fierce, bristling, knuckle cracking bodyguard, charged to protect you at all costs. This is the fully-formed Trashbug in all of it’s glory.
  • Keep it in your mind as vividly as possible during the time that you have to spend in the bad area. It will keep potential muggers and attackers at bay.
  • When you are done, mentally picture the Trashbug slowly shrinking back into the small whirlwind, and then into just pieces of junk blowing around the sidewalk.

I’ve experimented with this technique in bad districts in places like London, Bristol, New York and LA. I found that I didn’t get people trying to hustle me into conversations.

When I didn’t use the technique, I’d get the usual “Got a cigarette, mate?”, “Got a light?” or “Got the time?”, and once even had four guys with knives try to take me down.

Ironically, they were eyeing up my leather doctor’s bag, which contained voodoo paraphernalia such as wish papers, amulets, powders and roots.

They took one look inside, and one of them said, “What’s this weird shit?”

His buddy said “It’s voodoo, man … Don’t wanna mess with that.”

The next second, they’d put away their knives and disappeared like they’d never been there.

When I create a Trashbug, I just don’t get into this kind of inconvenience.

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