A voodoo doctor has been enlisted to help get the “Mean Girls” star her freedom.

By all accounts Lindsay Lohan has not been in good spirits since going into jail on Tuesday. And now it emerges that a British voodoo doctor known as “Doktor Snake” has been commissioned to cast one of his famous “courtwork” voodoo spells to get the 24-year-old “Mean Girls” star an early release from her 90-day sentence.

“Lindsay Lohan has to spend the next two weeks alone in a tiny cell, and she’s not taking it well,” says Doktor Snake, who is the author of a bestselling book on voodoo.

He says he was commissioned by someone close to the star, who he can’t name, to cast a spell to help her cope and get her out of prison as soon as possible.

Lohan isn’t getting any special treatment from Doktor Snake, however, just because she is a star.

“I treat her like all my other clients,” says Snake. “I support them throughout their plight and work hard to bring them a positive result, whether it is love, money or legal related.”

Snake says his courtwork spell involved creating a voodoo doll and doing a midnight ritual in a local graveyard.

“I called upon the spirits to assist Lindsay in her plight,” says Snake. “With her being a big star the prison have got her in isolation, but if anyone gets to her it could prove nasty. The spirits are protecting her now. So if she can bide her time, she’ll be fine and it already looks as though she’s getting early release. The signs are good. I think the mojo is working.”

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