For the voodoo witch doctor, it’s all about getting the job done, and bringing tangible results in the everyday, physical world…

Many practitioners of voodoo are professional sorcerers, and are known as “voodoo witch doctors” or simply “voodoo doctors”. They’re also often dubbed “root doctors” too. Their magical techniques are many and varied; they’re highly eclectic and freeform in approach. But all are geared towards achieving tangible results in the material world – such as bringing luck in gambling, returning lost lovers, and so on.

Some voodoo witch doctors are prepared to work malevolent magic on behalf of a client. If this involves hexing someone, the doctor might “chew” a root in the presence of his victim, while making signs and speaking incantations in “unknown tongues” (an indecipherable language from the depths of the unconscious mind).

The effect of this is understandably terrifying; the witch doctor swaying and muttering, his eyes rolled back, and the juice from the root running down his chin. Often the victim is brought to their knees, pleading for mercy, in a matter of seconds.

It’s scary, but that’s the way it is… and more importantly, it works.

Tools of the trade

For a fee, a voodoo witch doctor will put together a mojo (magical charm) designed to help his or her client with their needs and wants in life. The mojo usually comes in the form of a red flannel or chamois drawstring bag. (They’ll also fix up many other types of talismans and amulets geared to a client’s needs).

During a ritual the voodoo witch doctor fills the bag with various herbs, roots, powders, stones, feathers, and bones, as well as personal items belonging to the client. Depending on its purpose, the mojo bag is either worn by the client, or is placed in an appropriate place. It will then eventually bring about the circumstances the client desires.

One of the most popular items used by voodoo doctors is John the Conqueror root (the name John the Conqueror comes from folk legend). When anointed with Hearts Cologne and blessed with prayer, the effect is intensified. The root is then known as High John the Conqueror.

This root has many uses. One recipe, to return luck in gambling, involves placing High John the Conqueror root, along with various other herbs and powders, in a red-flannel mojo bag. Assuming the gambler is male, the bag is then soaked in his wife or girlfriend’s urine, and then is carried in a breast pocket whenever he goes out gambling.

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