Sometimes, the very simplest of spells can be the most powerful. For example, I suggested the following voodoo lover back spell to one of my clients, who was in despair after her boyfriend had left her.

I said, “You need to voodoo your ex to bring him back.”

Then I gave her some Draw Back incense in a burner, and told her to do the following:

“During the waxing of the moon, put some Draw Back incense into this burner. Write the name of your ex lover on a piece of parchment paper, or you can just use a red pen if that is all you have to hand.

“Light the incense and call your lover’s name nine times. Follow each call of your lover’s name with a chant of ‘come back to me.’ When you’re done, drop a pinch of ground Valerian root into the incense.

“Valerian root adds a V8 supercharge to any ritual, and is always good in love spells. After that, put the parchment paper on the incense burner, and let it burn away to a cinder.

“Collect the ashes and place them carefully into a small red charm-bag. Store this somewhere safely. For the next nine days, anoint yourself with three drops of San Cipriano oil, which is good for bringing back wandering lovers.”

She offered me her thanks and left, and soon afterwards I heard from her saying that it had “worked like a charm”, and that they were very happily back together…


Pip DeBelfry is an author and mystic. She publishes “Magic, Mystery & Witchery” ezine, collects curios, and offers spellcasting help and advice to people around the world.
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