He needed a new car, so we fixed him up with little voodoo, a money magnet mojo, to draw cash to him…

“Man, I need a new car,” said Leroy…

This was way back when in Stoke Newington, North London. Leroy was hounding my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe to do him a voodoo money spell that would enable him to pay his debts, get a better place to live, and more importantly, a brand new car.

Earl said, “You wanna Cadillac, you need to kick up the voodoo action.”

This was the UK, so Leroy really had his sights on a top-of-the-range BMW, not a US Cadillac, as a lot of money types, not to mention drug dealers, were driving BMs at the time.

Earl had been avoiding doing a money working for Leroy. “That guy talk to much,” he’d say.

But Leroy would go on and on, “Earl, man, I need you to do me one of your voodoo money spells, like you done for Jackson that time – got him straight into the money.”

“Yeah,” said Earl, “But the dumbass blew it all on some crazy drug deal, nearly got him killed. He got greedy.”

“I ain’t gonna do that,” said Leroy, “You know I’m not.”

“Ain’t so sure,” Earl would reply. But in the end he fixed Leroy up with a Money Magnet – a mojo hand.

Earl and I did the working for Leroy… if I recall right, we went down to a West London cemetery to call down the spirits to charge the money mojo.

We then gave it to Leroy and told him he needed to visualize himself in the cash, like it had already happened.

“I ain’t got time for that!” complained Leroy.

Earl gave him a steely glare, “You dumbass motherfucker, you want money or not? We went to a lotta trouble for you, and now you’re giving us this shit.”

Earl’s look was enough to get Leroy backing down and apologizing profusely. He knew it wasn’t wise to disrespect Earl.

Anyway, Leroy must have got down to his part because, before long, he’d got himself a new job and a BMW, a two-year-old one, but he was pleased.

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