Why be content with one woman in your bed when you can have two? All you need is the Voodoo Formula No.3, Hot Guy Mojo, to pull two or more women into bed.

So it’s like this. You’ve got a girlfriend or a wife. It’s all good. Well, sort of. In truth, it’s a little dull. Friday night you chill out together, watch some TV. And it’s like, you wouldn’t mind a bit of sex. But she goes, no, I just wanna watch TV. Then you get to bed and yes, you get the sex. But it’s got kinda dull. Like she just wants to get it done.

You suggest a few different positions, ask her to wear some exotic underwear. But she can’t be bothered. Let’s just get it done and go to sleep.

Whoa!!!! What kinda sex life is that? Just get it fucking done!

Christ almighty. It wouldn’t hurt if there was a bit of love involved – that’d make everyday sex a lot better. But you know deep down that there isn’t even really any love; this relationship is just a habit, a routine. Like that’s want you do in life. Started off great. Loads of sex and passion and then it all degenerated into dull routine. No vibrancy.

Deep down you know you want more…

You want exotic sex. And ideally a couple of hot women sharing your bed, catering to your every whim and desire. While this might seem a big ask, it is possible if you go about it right. You can’t expect it to come to you without effort – not unless you’re a millionaire, which case it’s easy.

No. You have to put in effort. The first thing to do is go to places where there’s an abundance of women to pick up. You can also try your luck online. The idea is to see it as a “numbers game.” You have to build the confidence to, no.1 ask women on a date; and no.2, when you’ve got to know them a little, suggest the idea of a threesome.

You have to get over being shy and build your confidence. If a woman says no to a date and a threesome, drop her, and move on to the next woman. That’s the way it’s done. It’s like marketing. All you are doing is looking for “qualified prospects”. Once you’ve found one, you’re home and away.

So how does voodoo come in?

It helps draw women to you. It increases your animal magnetism so you appear more attractive to women. So the Voodoo Formula No.3, Hot Guy Mojo, acts like a magnet, operating on the etheric plane to both boost your confidence and to make you far more attractive to women.

But you will need to pluck up the confidence to be direct with women. Make it clear what you want. But do this in a charming way. Look into their eyes and exude your innate charisma into them. They’ll either succumb or they won’t. If they don’t, move to the next one.

The Hot Guy Mojo will be working in the shadows, backing up your efforts. Bringing you the sheer dash and confidence you need to pull women and have regular threesomes, and whatever else meets your tastes.

If you’re looking to increase the number of women you pull, drop me an email, and we’ll discuss the best way forwards for you.

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