“War water will take anybody down,” said my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe back in the 1980s. “If somebody done you wrong, this voodoo hex will spin their head and wrench it right off their shoulders.”

He took a long toke on a cigar, then added:

“Bam!!! They taken out!”

War Water is also known as Iron Water. It’s the ingredient of excellence for psychic attack and magical warfare. The name “Iron Water” may come from the idea the fact that iron weapons were superior to the older ones made of bronze and stone.

And in astrology, iron is associated with the planet Mars which rules over warfare and combat.

War Water is a powerful carrier of negative emotional energy, and thus is favoured for magical battles.

Here’s how to make your own War Water…

  • Place half-pound of cut nails into large two pint bottle or jar. Cut nails are also known as masonry nails and have a rectangular cross section. You can get them from hardware or building supplies stores. They are ideal for making War Water because they rust easily.
  • Add about half pint of tap water to jar. Let stand eight or ten days until the nails begin to rust.
  • Once rusting begins, add some more tap water.
  • Store the bottle or jar in a cool place at home. Open the lid or bottle top occasionally to allow air to get in. This aids the rusting process.
  • Once the water has a tinge of rust, which should happen in a week to ten days, it is ready to use.
  • Dispense what you need into a smaller bottle (a little war water goes a long way).

The most common way of using War Water in a psychic attack is to splash your enemy’s doorstep with it. While doing so, picture your enemy in your mind’s eye, and imagine a black light enveloping them.


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