Dr. Snake is a practitioner of voodoo. He is also a poet, guitar player and MC. Dr. Snake grew up in London. Although a white man, he learned voodoo from the late Earl Marlowe, a Trinidadian singer whom Snake played guitar for in a band with during the 1980s.

Today the Snake divides his time between London, LA, and his country retreat on the Eastside of Paradise, where he cannot be reached by phone, fax or email. Only true hoodoos know how to reach him there. Dr. Snake walks on the edge of forever and always pays heed to his dreams.

Voodoo Spellbook

His book, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, was first published in year 2000 by St Martins Press in the USA and by Elan in Canada. Soon after hitting the streets it became a cult bestseller, popularizing voodoo and making it accessible.

Public Engagements

Dr. Snake regularly plays swamp voodoo blues shows. He appears in his trademark wide-brimmed hat, jet black shades, and has a Cuban cigar clenched between his teeth. He plays deep blues riffs on his battered old electric guitar plugged through a classic tube combo. A hunting knife is wedged under the strings to raise them for Doktor Snake’s specialty – soulful, haunting slide guitar.

In between playing tunes and telling stories, Doc will often fix up voodoo conjure charms for members of the audience who want assistance in matters of love, money, jinxes, hexing, and gambling luck.


Doc Says

  • “The crossroads is a real place, but you won’t find it on no map…” Mississippi, 1998.
  • “When I play guitar or MC skeletons jump outa their graves and dance in front o’ me…” London, 2008.
  • “I chose voodoo coz it’s dark, jet black, obsidian magick that gets things done…” Limehouse, London, 1919.
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