Professor Crow just emailed talking about why voodoo spells people get from books don’t work. This is what he said:

“You and me, Doc, get a lotta folk comin’ to us whining and whinging because they tried to lay a trick from a book and it jus’ don’t work. Sometimes it’s gone and make things a whole lot worse. That’s because they jus’ don’t know what they are doing and that expensive glossy book they bought ain’t told ’em the whole story.

Hell, that assumes that whoever wrote it knew what they was talking about anyway! Ain’t the case.

Now, I’ll give you an example to show ya what I mean. When you light that ole candle to bring the good times into your life or for cleansing, what do ya use to light the candle? Most folks use a match. Well that is jus’ plain wrong. Ya gotta use a lighter. In the ole days we used a spill from the hearth or made ‘wild fire.’

Ya only use a match if ya are gonna hex someone, for negative tricks. An’ I am gonna tell you why. Matches they gone and got sulfur in them. Now sulfur is the smell of hell itself and will attract demons and negative forces. So it jus’ ain’t gonna work.

There’s plenty more secrets like that, but I ain’t gonna tell the world and take the food off of my table. What I will tell ya is if ya want a trick to work, call us, don’t spend ya cash on useless spellkits.”

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