Yes, a card reading is a good way to ascertain whether you are suffering from the baleful effects of a curse or hex. While a reading cannot provide specific names of the person (or persons) who has laid evil work on you, it can often provide clues – such as the age and/or complexion or hair colour of the person bearing you extreme ill-will.

Typical effects that result from a curse or hex include:

  • Hard-to-explain runs of bad luck where nothing in your life ever seems to go right for you.
  • You are inexplicably unlucky in love – yet have a great personality, are attractive, loving and considerate.
  • Strange and persistent physical or mental symptoms that cannot be explained by doctors or psychologists.
  • Acute lack of money and the seeming inability to attract it or keep hold of it.

Of course, if you are suffering from any of the above, your first course of action is to find out if there is an objective, easy-to-explain cause. For example, if you are suffering from physical or mental symptoms, it is wise (and strongly advised) that you consult your doctor or a psychologist.

But if you cannot find an objective cause, then you could well be suffering from some form of spiritual attack – such as a hex or curse. At this point, the best way forwards is a reading to diagnose the condition and work out the best remedy to clear you of the baleful spiritual malady.

The method I use for fortune telling and curse/hex diagnosis is a reading using my Swamp Voodoo Card Deck.


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