A lot of people write asking whether a voodoo lover back spell will somehow turn their ex into a subservient, docile zombie when they return. It’s a fair question. The short answer is “no” they won’t turn into a zombie! What I always say to people is a voodoo lover back spell works on feelings that are already there but perhaps are blocked in some way.

The bottom line is: If your ex lover doesn’t have any love in their hearts for you at all, nothing on this earth will bring them back.

A voodoo lover back spell helps restore the love that once was. It is also configured to heal any psychological blocks that may be hindering the restoration of the relationship.

What’s more, voodoo lover back spells can work very, very fast, within days even; other times it can take a month or so. In more difficult cases I always recast free of charge if the situation looks like it needs a boost.

But when a voodoo lover back spell has done its job and brought your ex back to you, you can be sure they won’t be a docile zombie! They’ll be back of their own free will.

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