Gambling is mostly a mug’s game because people hope for the best, rather than taking positive action to up the odds in their favor using voodoo mind power.

So you go to the casino. You hit the slots, pound your hard-earned money into the machines. Sure, you’ll win now and then. But that’s the casino’s game. They need to give you a few wins to get you coming back for more. In the end, the casino wins and you lose.

It’s the same if you hit the roulette wheel. Or if you do a few rounds of Blackjack. In the end you’re giving your money away unless you are very, very lucky. And then you might go and blow your winnings back at the casino in a bid to win more.

What you need to do is stand back and take an objective view of what’s going on. Number one, the odds are always stacked in the casino’s favor. They have to be otherwise casinos wouldn’t be in business. That’s the way it is.

But some people do win. And they’re the ones you gotta look at…

Fact is, the consistent winners at casinos know what they are doing. They understand odds and probability theory. They know how much to lay down. How much to gamble to stay in pocket. It’s a slower game, but it’s a way to ensure you are an overall winner.

Never go to a casino half-cocked. Always make sure you are playing the odds and not letting the odds play you. This means you do have to study the math. You need to be able to work out – in an instant – what the odds are of you winning. You then bet accordingly. That way you are mostly going to go home with a profit or at worst will have broken even.

So what about voodoo? How do you use that at casinos?

Well, so long as you’ve schooled yourself in the math, you’ll be using voodoo to get into the “winning” mindset. You could also call this getting into the “zone.” It’s that unique frame of mind where you have ultimate confidence that you can do it – that you can win over time. A positive attitude is critical.

What you do is this:

  • Choose a quiet time of day or evening, and sit down and relax. Take a few deep breaths to deepen your relaxation.
  • Picture yourself in the casino. See the roulette tables, the slots, the bar, and so on. Hear the sounds, the spinning of the roulette wheel, the whirring and jangling of the slots, people talking at the bar, feel the tension of people who have wagered large sums and are willing the roulette ball to hit a given color or number.
  • Immerse yourself in this vision. See yourself walking confidently around the casino, like you’re drinking in the whole venue, like you are soaking up the atmosphere.
  • Now feel yourself being super-confident and cool, like when you decide to play, you are gonna win. You have no doubts. You are almost superhuman. Nothing can stop you now.

You need to do this regularly – maybe for a week or so – but you’ll find it gets you in the zone pretty quickly when you go to the casino. But equally, don’t forget you need to study the casino game so you fully understand it and can figure out odds and probability in an instant.

Do all that and you’ll very likely find you will win more often and come home with a profit.

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