Do the lottery? Never win? You’re not alone. Most people do it week after week, year after year, and get nowhere. Fact is, you’re missing a trick. You need the power of voodoo…

With the lottery the odds are seriously against you. The system is gamed. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it if they’ve got any sense. Yet you keep putting your hard-earned money on the lottery.

Are you a dumb ass?

No you’re not. You work hard just to make ends meet. All you want is a light at the end of the tunnel. A dream that one day you won’t have to work all hours just to pay your bills, your rent, and your car loan. Who can blame you dreaming of winning the lottery?

But have you ever really thought about the lottery? Have you ever looked closely at the people that win it? Asked yourself why it was them and not you? Why did the universe smile on them in particular and not somebody else?

These are good questions to ask…

You see there is something that marks them out. What is that? It’s incredible luck. You might say, isn’t that obvious? Yes it is. But the next question to ask is this: How is it they were so lucky? The answer to that could be that they were born lucky… but with most it was down to Lady Luck deciding to smile on them. And the thing is, you can up the odds of winning at any game of chance if you can encourage Lady Luck to cast her smile in your direction.

This is where voodoo comes in…

You see, a big part of my job as a voodoo doctor is to work on increasing people’s luck in life. To do that, my first task is to thoroughly spiritual cleanse them, and remove all negative patterning that has grown over the years. Many times, such negativity holds people back in life. Not only that, it ensures they aren’t lucky at anything. Not gambling, not the lottery, not in finances, and typically not even in love.

Fact is, negativity is a vicious cycle that turns you life to bad. That’s just the way it is. But negativity can be removed with the right formulations, which can be done via voodoo rituals and creating powerful amulets and talismans that not only remove all evil forces, but also turn things around so your luck comes running back in abundance.

That’s when things start to move and your life improves on all levels – not least in terms of games of chance like the lottery.

Add to that more ritual work geared to winning the lottery and it will be well worth your while doing the lottery on a weekly basis. The odds might still be against you in terms of probability, BUT now you will have the voodoo edge… and this will swing things in your favour.

One client of mine had a large lottery win. After I’d done a lucky lottery working for her, she had a few minor wins, and this went on for some time. But then, in the fullness of time, she finally hit the jackpot. It wasn’t overnight, but the point is a lot of bad luck had to be removed from her. And when it was all gone, and she was completely clear, she had the surprise of her life – she won the lottery!

So look, if you want to up the odds of winning the lottery, get in touch with me by email, and we’ll discuss the steps needed, and sort you out with a working to bring the results you desire.

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