Just got an email from someone called Jane asking if voodoo conjure can make your wishes come true. The best way to answer that is to say, yes, it often can… but only IF your wish is firmly set in the furnace of your desire.

Casual wishes or yearnings rarely come true. This is because you have to embed your wish inside your deeper subconscious for it to work. The subconsciousness mind is the powerhouse within – a place of magic and dreaming where the self-created rules of the everyday world, or left-brain reality, don’t apply.

There are many ways to do this. You can visualize your wishes on a daily basis, run affirmations and mantras, or use what I call “art conjure” to embed them in your subconscious mind.

My wish papers are an example of art conjure. They work this way: I enter a mild dream-like trance. Then, using pen and ink on art paper, I draw symbols from “unknown tongues,” which is the language of the spirits and the subconscious mind. These symbols – or “wish papers” – deliver your wish to the ether, where the process of manifesting it in reality will begin.

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