I always say the most powerful way to cast a spell is to follow your intuition…

Many books and websites almost seem like they’re trying to scare you off by giving you strict instructions on how you should cast witch spells, with the caveat that if you don’t follow them to the letter, well … Woe betide you! You certainly don’t want to use your spellcasting to manipulate others against their will. But how you actually cast a spell is another thing.

I believe it should be done the natural way, using your imagination and intuition.

For example, if specific colors, herbs, roots, or other items spring to mind, and feel right to you – go for it!

Don’t worry what the books or websites say. What feels right to you will lead to you casting a far more effective and powerful witch spell.

It’s the same with chants and incantations. Far better to just let the words come out – even if they seem like gibberish! The spirits and creatures of the natural world will know your intention, as magick is beyond words and language, anyway.

I personally sing quietly when I gather plants and herbs, thanking them for their help. Often, when I think back, the words I sang or chanted were nonsensical, and often not even in an understandable language, a bit like scat singing – on the surface, at least.

So when it comes to casting witch spells, don’t get bogged down with the “do’s and don’t’s” – listen to your inner-self, and find your own wisdom!

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