In 1939, Life magazine published a series of photos of the superstitious practices of people living in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The photos were taken by D.F. Fox and captioned by Vance Randolph.

The first picture showed an Ozark “witch woman” with a doll made of dirt and beeswax, which she’d named after an enemy. Nails were driven into the doll to “hurt” the corresponding parts of the enemy’s body – an act of sympathetic or homeopathic magic.

The final picture in the spread was a sinister photo of two rag dolls, one dressed as a man, the other as a woman. Both were laid prone in front of a Bible with a skull on top of it. The female doll had nails driven into its back. The caption stated:

“…muttering secret spells, a jealous wife hopes to separate her husband from another woman. The dolls represent the adulterous pair.”

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