The wealth elites basically run the world as we know it. They shape it with a false narrative and reality. Most buy into it, but deep down likely feel something is not right with the world. Those that have awakened to the machinations of the ruling elites – such as false flag attacks and poisoning us all with chemtrails – recognise the truth and endeavour to break the thraldom.

But how does the average earth-dweller empower themselves against the social engineering and other nefarious activities of the elites?

One way is via witchcraft. This was always the way that ordinary people fought back. It was their one empowerment. In the days when monarchies and aristocracy ruled by force and exploited the peasant classes mercilessly, there were witches, which were both men and women. And though many in rural areas feared them to a degree, witches provided healing with herbs and roots and spells. They were the doctors serving their local communities – because the poorer levels of society simply couldn’t afford medical help, like the aristocracy could.

And basically in those times the upper classes didn’t care at all about the peasants or their servants. They simply exploited them like cattle. That was the way it was.

Of course, there are many stories of witches and magical practitioners laying curses on the aristocracy, some of which, apparently, worked. And that’s no doubt why the elites of the time were afraid of witchcraft. It could be one of the reasons witches were hunted down and burned at the stake. It might not have been purely for religious and political reasons – especially when you recognise that religion was all about controlling the lower classes of society. It was probably down to the elites being afraid of witchcraft, and if they allowed it to continue, well, you might have had a peasants revolt that really worked. A revolution.

So witchcraft has always been the one weapon against the elites that the lower echelons of society have had at their disposal.

But nowadays, the elites have most of us under almost total control. We’re as good as helpless. The elites control the medicines, which do more harm than good, and are designed to keep people ill as that makes the most profits. For example, if somebody suffers from depression, big pharma doesn’t want them to get better; they just want to keep dishing out anti-depressants. It’s the same with most other medical conditions too.

The elites also keep us at perpetual war – against one alleged threat or another. This is because war is very profitable. If there isn’t a specific enemy, they create one – Russia being a popular choice.

Nowadays, what with Artificial Intelligence and robotics, the elite will soon no longer need the levels of population that we have. Once they needed peasants and factory workers, and that was the case up until recent times. Now they simply don’t need a world population of 7 billion. Thus many think there will be a mass culling – or that this mass culling is already happening, but slowly, by poisoning the water, adding toxins to vaccines, not to mention seeding the atmosphere with pollutants through chemtrails.

But how do we fight back? Well, the more people that awaken to what’s going on will help. Once the game is revealed, it will be harder for the elites to maintain control.

But also, considering the elites seemed to fear witchcraft in the past, you wonder whether all of us into magick and witchcraft should turn our sights on the elites – family lines like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Saxe-Coburgs and so on. Set up magickal groups and witch covens focused on unleashing curses against them.

Sustained magickal attacks could target events like Bohemian Grove in California, in mid-July – where the most powerful men in the world meet for what can only be described as somewhat unusual activities that look like magickal rituals, what with the strange owl deity and Cremation of Care ceremony. You can’t get in. But it wouldn’t hurt to get close to the compound and hit it with a taste of its own medicine – some kind of hardcore hex formula.

If nothing else, creating a magickal or witchcraft movement to take on the elites would be symbolic of the fight back and the resistance. Admittedly, if such a movement got big enough, the media – the lackeys of the elite – would defame it as lunatic conspiracy theorists. But they know that the more people wake up, then their nefarious game will be up for good.

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