Haitian-born rapper Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand by a bullet on the eve of Haiti’s historic presidential election. The shooting took place after 11pm local time on Saturday near the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

Not good. But it’s gonna be a whole lot worse for the low-down scum that opened fire on the rapper. I’ve declared war on them.

Listen good. I’ve fixed up one of my hardcore “Tombstone” voodoo curses to take the shooter out with extreme prejudice. This is neutron bomb napalm voodoo that slices off the scalp of evil doers and hurls them down to hell to burn in the thermo-nuclear fires that can melt the strongest steel.

If you haven’t heard of Wyclef Jean (41) , he’s the Haitian-American who rose to fame as a member of the Fugees. He made his own bid for the presidency of Haiti. But this was scuppered due to Jean not meeting a requirement that presidential candidates live for five consecutive years in the country before running. He is now a strong backer of strong backer of fellow musician Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly’s bid for the presidency.

Still keen to serve his country, Jean has said he would like to contribute to the rebuilding efforts by helping organise the country’s many non-government organisations and investing in its future.

To reiterate: If you harbor evil plans to shoot down Jean you’ll find yourself under my voodoo fire

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