One time my hoodoo mentor Earl Marlowe and I were chilling out in a bar in Bristol before playing a gig at one of the city’s clubs. A girl called Antonia was with us. She was asking Earl if there was a way she could use voodoo to exert strong influence over her guy who was prone to cheating on her. He was also a compulsive liar.

“I love him so bad,” she said. “I just can’t give him up. What can I do?”

Earl thought for a moment, then said: “You can dominate any man with a Cleopatra compelling working. It renders them helpless to your will. All they can do is abide by your will and yours alone. Take a spiritual bath every day for seven days. Put three drops o’ Conquering Oil in the bath water. When you done, rub your wrists, ankles, chest and throat with Compelling Powder. Then before you leave the house, sprinkle yo’self all over with Cleopatra Oil. Believe me that guy’s gonna be clay in yo’ hands before a week is out…”

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