ZOMBIE SPIRIT HEAD… It’s showing its age now. Back in the day, my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe used it for rituals, and he’d often have it with him when we were dealing with clients – scared the life out of ’em! Probably down to its “dead eyes.”

I remember when Earl first showed it to me. He said, “I’m gonna bring it to life.

I said, “Yeah, yeah…”

So he’d talk to it and did rituals over it, and fed it with various oils and potions. Nothing much happened. But he kept talking to it like it was human. I’d say, “you’ll get locked up soon, man.”

And then one day it answered back…

Or so it seemed. To this day I’m not sure whether we imagined it.

Earl was ecstatic, he goes, “I told you I’d bring that mofo to life.”

I’ve got it now. Keep it on my bookshelf. It’s a strange object. If you kind of meditate, focus your mind on a question, often, say later in the day, something will happen that answers that question; or provides you with direction in life – like the right way to go, the right decisions, etc.

So it’s similar to a divining tool, like Tarot, but more straight to it.

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