Concerned about your health? Try using a Zuni bear fetish or even a teddy bear to help you find the remedies you need…

Amongst the beliefs of shamans, the bear is acknowledged as the totem of healers. If you are ill or engaged in healing workings, take particular notice of dreams featuring bears – they might lead you to the healing your require.

Bear figures, particularly Zuni stone fetishes, can be used in magickal healing work. The Zuni people are native Americans living around the Zuni River Valley in western New Mexico – an area they have inhabited for thousands of years. The Zuni are renowned for their fetishes, which include the lion, red badger, white wolf, multi-colored eagle, and black mole, as well as the bear.

If you can get an authentic Zuni bear carving it will serve you well in your healing magic.

If not, a good alternative is to look for any kind of bear fetish that “feels right” to you. For this reason it is best to buy one in person rather than ordering online, unless that’s your only option. The fetish that calls to you, will always be the one that works most powerfully and successfully. It is worth knowing, though, that turquoise or white bears are deemed to be particularly powerful.

Bears are known to become our confidantes in “teddy bear” form, and you should treat this bear as you would your one eyed, raggedy teddy – carry it with you, tucked in a pocket or snuggled safely in a charm bag. You can sleep with it under your pillow or alongside your bed. Make sure that you remember to “feed” it too. Take into account what you think your bear would eat. A traditional Native American offering would be corn pollen, but this may well not be the diet your bear requires, so put some thought into it.

Most important of all is that you talk and listen to your bear. Once it is fully activated, it will eventually offer you healing advice and recommendations for health maintenance.

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