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Got problems you need resolved? Doktor Snake can put them right…

Legendary voodoo man can help you with his powerful voodoo spells, including love spells, lover back spells, hex removal, protection, fast luck, good job spells, spiritual cleansing, money spells and gambling spells.

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Why Spellworking Clients Choose Doktor Snake...

“[Doktor Snake’s] customer service is incredible. He will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goal.”

“[Doktor Snake] always gets back to you, as he states, does everything possible his end, and I honestly believe this.”

“Doc has always been there and had never let me down or given up in helping me.”

“He always goes above and beyond to make sure you get results.”

Card Readings

Skull Top Hat Ace Spades

With the spirits whispering in his ear, Doktor Snake cuts his old pack of Swamp Voodoo cards for you to bring insight into any situation you are facing.

(A card reading is a good precursor to any spellworking you require).


Regular Readings Priority Readings


Conjure Box – For when you need optimum voodoo power to get things done in matters of love and relationships.
Money Magnet – Powerful voodoo money spell attracts money like a magnet, or moth to a flame.
Break A Hex – If you’ve been hexed or cursed this voodoo mojo hand will remove the bad work.
Voodoo Angel – Powerful protection and warding voodoo spell that watches over you and keeps you safe…
Domination Sack – Strictly women only. Designed to control and return a man if he has left you
Three Djinns Wealth Formulation – For success in business, provides big boast to sales and finances.
Extreme Curse Removal – Optimum power voodoo spell to rid you of the baleful effects of curses and evil spells.

Spirit Bottle – Powerful voodoo spell for fame & success, for musicians, actors, artists and writers.

Gay Love Mojo – This love spell will attract a hot same sex lover to you – either for casual or long term love.
Voodoo Gambling Hand – Packs a mighty punch, drawing gambling luck to you and helping you win big time.
Banish Evil Spirits – Joe the Preacher Root runs all demons and evil spirits out – for good.

Celebrity Lover Sigil – Date a famous person, movie or music star for love or casual relationship.

Lesbian Love Mojo – Same Sex Love Spell For Women carefully configured for female same sex relationships.
Lucky Lottery Mojo – Encourages Lady Luck to smile on you every time you jot down your lotto numbers.
Gris Gris – Powerful spiritual cleansing & bad energy removal.

Emergency Voodoo Spells – For urgent cases, a voodoo sigil puts things right fast, for emergency cases.


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