Voodoo Readings

Card Readings, Crystal Ball Scrying, And Dream Interpretation

Get a hold on the future and gain insights into your life...

Card Readings

Let Doktor Snake cut his pack of old Swamp Voodoo cards for you and reveal the truth about your past, help you understand the present and tell you what is likely in store. (Regular & Priority card readings available).


Crystal Ball Readings

Let author and mystic Pip de Belfry peer into her crystal ball to gain insights into you life and discern what your future holds... Caring and insightful readings from a natural witch.

crystal ball readings

Dream Interpretation

Discover the meaning of your dreams and gain insight you can use - all of which may signify something of importance in your waking life…


Doc's readings really help me see the road ahead.

Jason (Chicago, USA)

Doc's card readings are a must for me, I have one every month.

Nola (London, England)

I had a crystal ball reading from Pip de Belfry. She really saw into me and truly helped.

Lara (Milton Keynes, England)

Doc's readings hugely helped with my love life. He put things in perspective.

Serena (Los Angeles, USA)

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