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From: Doktor Snake
Author of "Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook"
Friday 8:47 P.M.

Far fetched? Too good to be true? Out of this world?

That's what I thought when my voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe, told me about the secret lore of the subconscious mind (the powerhouse within) and how it can work magic to manifest your deepest desires in life. But the truth is, it was the most powerful magical secret the old Trinidadian blues singer and sorcerer ever taught me.

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You will discover how to:

  • Cast voodoo spells to attract love, money, sex, friends, and success.
  • Become a voodoo shaman and experience the hidden reality that lies behind everyday life.
  • Make a lost lover come running back into your arms, begging forgiveness and promising to stay with you forever.
  • See into the future and make sense of past events using arcane voodoo fortune telling techniques.
  • Manipulate the fibers of fate to your advantage using voodoo magic (helping you flow with the forces of destiny and hidden aspects of nature).
  • Become a voodoo sex witch / warlock and charge your voodoo spells with unstoppable domination power.

All this and much more IS possible once you master the secret teachings of voodoo magic and the subconscious mind. You will unleash the sleeping giant that lives within.

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What People Say

Unsolicited comments from readers of Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook.

  • "Everyone should read [Doktor Snake] and open up their minds."
  • "Doktor Snake is a true mystic and his vision will lead you into places you never dreamed of..."
  • "I bought [Dr. Snake's Voodoo Spellbook] a few weeks ago as a sceptic. But after reading it through I had a dream to go to the casino. I went the next day and won $200.00. Boy was I happy." ...it is very inspiring, and i will say from personal experience that some of the spell work in this book has worked for "me".......... It is simple to understand, enchanting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat..........i read it straight thru =)
  • "Doktor Snake is very inspiring, he worked his spell on me!"
  • "Reading Doktor Snake's [work] was one of the best instinctive moves I have ever made..."
  • "I like this book becuse it introduces a whole bunch of different methods in not just voodoo but divanation as well. I oraganally had bought this book a while ago but my mother had went nuts about the fact that I'm learning or even bringing in books on voodoo and threw it away without my knowing."
  • "Doktor Snake opened up something in me which is timeless..."
  • "I read this book in one sitting, and could not put it down. This small coffee-table style book is packed with short spells and stories that explain the subject in a very concise and entertaining manner. At-first, it seems like the book & voodoo doll is a quaint gift set, but the feel of the book and the writings within are inspiring and conducive to comprehending a general overview of Southern Voodoo / Hoodoo."
  • "I bought this book after reading the reviews listed on here about Dr. Snakes book. I must say I am glad I spent the money. It was well worth it and I just love the stories. There are a few good spells for money luck. Thats what I was interested in myself. I love the section on playing cards also. I love the stories about selling your soul to the devil to play guitar. Super book! Very neat. I totally recommend. I am buying one for all my soul sisters for X-mas. Dr. Snake write another book!!!!!"
  • "Very nice book for those of us who are curious and those of us who want to cast spells. I recommended this book. It was fun reading all those spells. Nadine"

Ways voodoo magic can manifest...

» You suddenly decide to go to a party you were undecided about attending - and you end up meeting the man or woman of your dreams. (This was NOT coincidence. It was your subconscious at work).

» You are returning home from work one day and on impulse you stop off to buy a lottery ticket. The upshot? You win enough cash to take a luxury cruise or splash out on a new car. (Again, this was NOT coincidence. Your subconscious mind was directing you).

» You are in a cafe. And run into an old work colleague, who has landed a top management position at a major firm. Without hesitation he (or she) offers you a well-paid role with full benefits. By what seems like chance you get the job of your dreams. (In reality it was your subconscious directing your life and leading you where you were meant to go).

» You run a business. And, as if by magic, you always manage to source materials at the lowest prices, cut the best deals, and land top dollar contracts (beating your competition hands-down). What's more, your diary is chock full of public speaking engagements. Why? Because you are always in the right place at the right time. (This is NOT mere coincidence. You are working in harmony with your subconscious mind, which is directing your life in accordance with your destiny).

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