Talismans and amulets for love, money and gambling

Talismans and amulets for love, money and gambling - Doktor Snake

These talismans and amulets include pendants, hag stones, and coins. They can attract love, money and luck to you, bringing your wishes into reality.

A talisman or amulet is a curio that has been charged with magical power. This will help bring your desires to fruition in your life. Talismans are typically for drawing things to you, such as love or money. Amulets are generally used to push things away from you. So they are good for protection or holding back negative forces.

Ritually charged talismans and amulets

I perform a ritual over all the talismans and amulets on this page. This charges them with numinous power. They become living, breathing artefacts that will help you gain what you want in life.

I source my them from places of power like country crossroads, desolate beaches and lonely crossroads. Or from curiosity shops.

What will they do for you?

If you carry a talisman or amulet with you, it will bring you into alignment with the occult realm. This is a formative place where possibilities compete with each other to manifest in everyday reality.

Talismans and amulets will bring a given possibility into your life. This possibility might be bringing a soul mate into your life. Or attracting gambling luck. Or it might be ensuring you are protected from psychic attack. What ever the case, it all begins in the formative realm.

What People Say

“I love Doc’s talismans and amulets. They really do it for me. They bring me luck and help me see the mystic side of life.” Lilith (San Francisco, USA)

“I needed protection from bad witchcraft… Doc’s coffin nails protection charm brought results.” Sara (Fort Worth, USA)

“I wanted something to carry with me to add power to a spellworking. Doc’s talismans and amulets helped out a lot.” Taylor (Oregon, USA)

“Doktor Snake’s amulets and talismans are great because you can carry the spell with you.” Maria (London, UK)

Learn more about talismans and amulets, check out Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (SnakeStone Books). Find out more about Doktor Snake here.

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