Talismans & Amulets: Results Magick Curios from the Darkside

Lucky coins, magickal jewelry, servitors, arcane artefacts, hag stones, sigils, and more...

All items handmade by Doktor Snake or sourced by him from places of magickal power, such as lonely country crossroads,, desolate beaches, ramshackle curiosity shops, stone circles, and old Victorian graveyards

Voodoo Money Talisman – To Draw Money Fast

Voodoo Money Talisman

We been fixing this one up in the Conjure Shack out in the wilds of the flatlands where we hang out a lot…

Love Binding Talisman

Love Binding Talisman

Wear To bring fidelity and commitment for life from the one you love…

“Lucky Win” Gambling Charm

Gambling Amulet

Place your bets and collect the cash! This powerful gambling amulet brings you the edge in games of chance.

Lucky Charm Pendant Necklace

lucky charm pendant

Brings good fortune and lucky breaks, puts you in the “right place at the right time…”

Wish Locket – Magic Amulet To Manifest Your Desires Into Reality…

Wish locket with magic sigil

State your magical intention, dream or wish, and it will be placed in this locket as a magical sigil…

Black Crystal Pendant – To Develop Your Psychic Powers

black crystal pendant

Wear to increase your natural ESP and sixth sense…

Lucky Coins That Bring Good Luck

Lucky Coins

Change your life in an instant with these remarkable old British pennies…

Voodoo Protection Charm

Voodoo Protection Charm

Holds back negative spiritual energy and keeps you safe from bad situations…

Hagstone Pendant

Hagstone Pendant

Magical stone with a naturally-occurring hole, hung on a necklace…
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Love Drawing Sixpence – Attracts Passion & Romance

Love Drawing Sixpence

Wear to draw the right person into your life…

Voodoo Coffin Nail Protection Charm

coffin nail protection charm

Keeps you safe from all forms of evil and deflects malevolent spells and witchcraft away from you…

Spiritual Cleansing Amulet

spiritual cleansing amulet

Wear to purify your body / mind system and aura…

Voodoo Anointing Oils

anointing oils

100% natural, hand-made oils made from plant and root essences…
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I love Doc’s talismans. They really do it for me. They bring me luck and help me see the mystic side of life.

Lilith (San Francisco, USA)

I needed protection from bad witchcraft… Doc’s coffin nails protection charm brought results.

Sara (Fort Worth, USA)

I wanted something to carry with me to add power to a spellworking. Doc’s amulets helped out a lot.

Taylor (Oregon, USA)

Doktor Snake’s magickal jewellery is great because you can carry the spell with you.

Maria (London, UK)

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